Naturopathy & Nutritional Therapy Consultations

Prior to Consultation

On booking your appointment you will be offered a free 15 minute telephone check-in to discuss your needs. Following this you will be asked to keep a simple food diary and to complete a straightforward health questionnaire, both will need to be returned 72hrs prior to your appointment. Doing so will allow the best use of time during your initial consultation and help identify what is important to you regarding your health.

Initial Consultation (1hr30 - 2hrs)

During the consultation you will be asked questions about your concerns, present physical, mental and emotional symptoms, medical history, diet, lifestyle, stresses and environment. From this a naturopathic nutritional treatment plan will be drawn up to help you achieve your health goals and ultimately empower you with the knowledge and tools to promote, restore and maintain your health naturally. The plan will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations and where appropriate nutritional supplements, herbs, tissue salts and flower essences will be advised. The emphasis will be on making your programme practical and enjoyable so you won’t be sent away to eat or do anything you don’t agree with.

Follow Up (40 -60 minutes)

Follow Up appointments are necessary to answer any queries, assess your progress, review any test results and to make changes to your treatment plan where appropriate. These appointments are recommended to keep you on track towards acheiving your wellness gaols.

Wellbeing Check Up (45 minutes)

The Wellbeing Check Up is an opportunity to check-in periodically to maintain the work we have done in the past or to set new wellness goals. A Wellbeing Check Up is recommended every 6 - 12 months.


Email access and support is available throughout your treatment.

Depending on your level of health and wellbeing goals you may expect to visit Kelly the Naturopath on average 3-6 times. This should enable you to go on a long-term, self-maintenance programme.

On occasion laboratory biochemical testing may be recommended to further investigate symptoms including nutrient status, digestive analysis, food intolerance and hormone function. Testing is at an additional cost unless the test can be requested through your GP and you are under no obligation to have them.

Where nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, tissue salts and flower essences are recommended the purchase thereof will be at an additional cost. Again, you are under no obligation to purchase any supplements and recommendations will be kept to a minimum to let dietary changes do the majority of the work.

Naturopathic treatment is an integrated approach to optimum health alongside professional medical advice and treatment. It is strongly recommend that you contact your GP with any health concerns you may have.

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